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  • The best DJ ever!!
    DJ Arsen, came, met with us for our wedding, for 2 hours!! Went over every thing, all steps, all songs he\’ll play, took all requests, even same day of wedding, performed so well, and made our night so very special with all of our guests!
    I wouldn\’t think twice to pick him again for events!
    The best, friendliest and very fair DJ!

    Saro - 1, 2019 - Wedding
  • DJ Arsen did an amazing job DJing for our outdoor wedding. He was so great to work with and really cares about his clients. We worked with him on putting together a list of songs that we liked but his true talent is being able to read the crowd and play music to keep the party going. Everyone at our wedding was on the dance floor all night!

    Sharis & Jean - 7, 2018 - Wedding
  • We are Armenian. We love to party and have spectacular weddings. So, getting a DJ that is not only the right fit but is able to light it up is crucial. DJ Arsen did just that. From day one he was professional, kind, and listened to what WE wanted and HOW we wanted it. High energy, tradition, and excitement is what we got and what we wanted! Thank you Arsen!!

    VT - 8, 2018 - Wedding
  • DJ Arsen did an amazing job at our wedding and exceeded all our expectations! He made sure to meet with us befor the wedding and plan the day with us so that he does things in the order we wanted. He also asked us the type of music we would like to have on our wedding and made sure to play all of our favorite songs… To make it short, he’s the best!

    Lusine - 1, 2019 - Wedding
  • Arsen DJ’d my wedding this past June, 2018….. my husband and I, plus our 200+ guests were blown away at his expertise on how to keep a party going. Prior to the wedding he met with us and really tried to understand our wants HE NAILED IT. He truly did an amazing job, was courteous and professional. I will definitely have Arsen DJ my future events!

    Helen and Jimmy - 6, 2018 - Wedding
  • Words can’t explain how amazing our wedding was thanks to Arsen. We told him we wanted a unique experience for our guests and he went above & beyond! His song choices were perfect and in tune with the crowd. He performed with professionalism and was a great MC. We didn’t want a typical wedding singer so Arsen put together a variety of live musicians for us

    Harma & Lana - 4, 2018 - Wedding
  • DJ Arsen was such an amazing DJ at my bridal shower! All my guests were dancing and partying the entire time. He has such a nice personality and is easy to work with. I truly appreciated his hard work and dedication to making my event so special. I look forward to working with him in the near future. Best choice you will ever make to book with him.

    Nelli O - 6, 2018 - Shower
  • DJ Arsen was fantastic at our wedding. We gave him the list of songs we wanted and our program and he was perfect. DJ Arsen feels out your guests and knows when & what kind of music to play. We wanted our guests to have fun and get off their chairs and dance, and Arsen made that happen with the fantastic vibe he created. Great guy, we highly recommend him!!

    Shant and Lina - 7, 2017 - Wedding
  • “Are you ready to party?” DJ Arsen always asked this! He always brought positive energy and professionalism each time we talked on the phone or met in person.We had Armenian, Arabic, American, French, Latin songs and he mixed them all so well. Everyone was up and dancing on our big day. DJ Arsen really knows how to get people to party!I highly recommend him!

    Tsoleen - 7, 2017 - Wedding
  • Arsen exceeded our expectations! Not only was he polite and accommodating, but also a true professional. When things didn’t stick exactly to the schedule, as tends to happen, Arsen knew how to work around it and helped the night run smoothly. He also incorporated the songs and overall sound that we were looking for. We could not have had a better DJ!!!

    Sarkis & Mery - 6, 2017 - Wedding
  • Our daughter recently got married. Dj Arsen was way beyond our expectations. He truly kept every single person at the wedding on the dance floor. It was a wedding of two beautiful cultures and he knew exactly what to play and when to play it. It was truly unbelievable. He is an incredible Dj and a wonderful and great man. You are truly the best DJ!!!

    christine and Greg - 7, 2016 - Wedding
  • Not only is Arsen so knowledgable with his music, but he also has a warm and welcoming demeanor to him. We couldnt be happier with our decision. He was absolutely AMAZING, and had the crowd going the whole night! We got so many compliments about how great our dj was on our wedding night! Thank you so much Arsen for helping make this a memorable event.

    Anashe and Ryan - 4, 2016 - Wedding
  • Arsen is absolutely the best.. He did my daughters sweet 16 last week and EVERYONE had a blast.. From the 16 year olds, to the 30 year olds and to the 60 year olds were talking about it.. You won\’t regret booking Arsen

    Azniv - 5, 2016 - Birthday
  • This review is long overdue but my husband and I can’t express how extremely happy we were with Arsen at our wedding!! We recently received our wedding video and looking back we were able to relive that day and see just how incredible his DJing (Arsen) was!! He played all our favorite songs and the dance floor was FILLED the entire time!!! YOU’RE THE BEST!!!!!

    Natalie and Norvan - 6, 2015 - Wedding
  • DJ Arsen is hands down the best DJ ever! let me start by saying your DJ is one of the most significant factors of your event, so We knew it had to be the best– which means hire DJ Arsen! He is so professional, caring and gives advice on how to coordinate the event with our music. he catered to our biracial engagement so well and no one stopped dancing!!!!!!

    Narineh & Danny - 1, 2016 - Engagement
  • Dj International was our main source of entertainment during the wedding. I don’t think we could have picked a better Dj. Every single song was perfect. All of our guests were dancing the entire night. The service was very professional & the DJ was well organized. The customer service was excellent. I would pick them for every occasion in the future. Thank you so much!

    Hripsime - 6, 2015 - Wedding
  • I’ve been to many events throughout the years where DJ International was DJing. It’s been 4 weeks since our wedding and everyone we see can’t stop talking about how great the DJ was. DJ Nic went above and beyond our expectations and he went out of his way to make our night PERFECT!

    Sako - 3, 2015 - Wedding
  • Arsen was the DJ for our May 2012 wedding and he definitely made our wedding the best party ever!! From our very 1st meeting, we knew he was the one! He was actually the DJ for my sister-in-laws wedding several years before us so we knew he would be amazing! He is such a wonderful, funny and sweet guy!

    Arin - 6, 2010 - Wedding
  • Arsen was the DJ for our May 2012 wedding and he definitely made our wedding the best party ever!! From our very 1st meeting, we knew he was the one! He was actually the DJ for my sister-in-laws wedding several years before us so we knew he would be amazing! He is such a wonderful, funny and sweet guy!

    Greg - 5, 2012 - Wedding
  • We got married on February 18, 2012. Dj Nic put up an eye popping, jaw dropping performance. I found out with right tempo 85 year old grandmothers would dance as well as my teenage cousins. It was not a surprise because we have seen him in other weddings before and decided to thrust him with our most important party of ours. Mission well accomplished Nic

    Masis - 2, 2012 - Wedding
  • I am forever thankful to Hrach for making our wedding day perfect!
    Our wedding was on May 23rd, 2010 , I called Hrach because I saw reviews on and he is everything great every one writes about. He was very helpful, courteous and above all a true professional.

    Zizilia - 5, 2010 - Wedding
  • Arsen is a phenomenal Dj!!!! We booked him for our engagement because we had heard from many friends and family that he is the absolute BEST. To me the DJ is the most important element of the party… you can have all the beautiful centerpieces you want, great food, and an amazing banquet hall, but if you don’t have a good DJ, all those expenses go to waste.

    Arin - 6, 2010 - Wedding
  • DJ Nic played at my wedding last month in Los Angeles and kept the party flowing. He did a great job of seamlessly transitioning between Middle-Eastern and American music to keep our multicultural crowd happy. DJ Nic was easy to work with, his communication was always quick and professional.

    Sandy - 6, 2014 - Wedding
  • All we can say is “WOW!” DJ Nic put the band to shame and kept the party going till the late hours of the night! The dance floor was packed and the party was popping the entire time!!! Nobody wanted the night to end! Thanx Nic!!!

    Sahak - 11, 2011 - Wedding
  • DJ International is so amazing and professional I would hire them over and over again. They play the best and up to date music in a way that leaves you speechless.

    Allina - 10, 2013 - Wedding
  • Thank you so much Nic! You are amazing in what you do and there is no question about it. My daughter’s requests were fully met thanks to you. Will see you at our upcoming parties for sure!!!

    Gina - 8, 2012 - Birthday
  • Arsen jan you were the best thing about our wedding! We had endless compliments and can truly say you made us so happy. We literally were jumping up and down at one point just loving the music! Thank you sincerely. We definitely have found our DJ for life!!! See you soon!

    Adelina - 10, 2013 - Wedding
  • I love DJ Arsen and his variety of music. As always he puts everyone in a party mood. None stop music, amazing shows. He is amazing. I would recommend to each and every one of you to call him and book your parties with DJ Arsen trust me you will be happy with your choice!!!!!!

    Marine - 1, 2010 - Wedding
  • My daughter just celebrated her 18th (debut) birthday and we had a wonderful time. This was my first time to choose a non filipino DJ and I will never regret it. DJ Arsen and the team are the best. They are flexible and available upon request. I highly recommend DJ International

    Mariza - 6, 2012 - Wedding
  • DJ Arsen was amazing! The guests in the entire banquet hall were dancing non-stop from 7pm-2am. He was very kind and genuine. He knows how to keep the momentum going with his song selections.
    Highly recommended

    Diana - 7, 2011 - Wedding
  • DJ Nic was incredible and very professional. He was truly one of a kind. His mixing technique and choice of the right music made our night unforgettable.
    Thank you so much!

    Sevana - 5, 2011 - Wedding
  • DJ International- The name says it all. If your guests appreciate sounds from all over the world as mine did, Nic does the best job as mixing and mashing up popular music that will be sure to make your party fun with never a dull moment.
    He is professional at bringing you the best in a variety of music and is accommodating to your requests. We love you!

    Ella - 11, 2013 - Wedding
  • All I can say is that DJ Arsen and his team were amazing! We were having an engagement party with our closest family and friends and were referred to DJ International. It definitely was the best choice we made! All our guests danced ALL NIGHT and everyone is still raving about how fun it was. It wouldn’t have been the same without the awesome music team!

    Natalie - 7, 2013 - Engagement
  • Hrach is AMAZING!! Truly knew how to keep everyone on the dance floor. He plays a large variety of music. My husband is Armenian and I’m Hispanic so its tough to please different crowds with different cultures but Hrach knew exactly what people want to hear.

    Jack - 8, 2010 - Other
  • These DJs are the best in the marvelous job they do! I had Hrach as the dj for my wedding. A decision I will never regret. Moreover, I will turn to DJ International for my upcoming events.

    George - 5, 2010 - Wedding
  • My wedding was spectacular and I have Hrach to thank. My wedding was in September and until this day my friends and family keep talking about how much fun they had! I highly recommend DJ International!!!

    Adamyan - 9, 2010 - Wedding